Our last day in Wales spent mostly in England

We got up this morning, had breakfast of smoked salmon scrambled eggs and toast and decided to find a nice hike to do.

It was going to be a beautiful, sunny day so we decided to go over the border to England and hike in The Stiperstones National Reserve in Minsterly, England. It’s one of the best surviving areas of upland heathland.

We didn’t see blooming heather because it blooms in mid to late summer. We did see wild horses, sheep and cattle.

After our hike we were ready for lunch. We found a quaint little pub called The Bridge in Ratlinghope, England with excellent local beer and outdoor tables with views of sheep and a stream.

Corner house in Ratlinghope, England

After lunch we drove around the area a bit but after sitting in the sun and having food and beer we were ready to go back to our room at The Old Vicarage and rest for awhile.

The pond at The Old Vicarage.

Sunset from our window at The Old Vicarage.

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