Powis Castle and Gardens

After breakfast this morning we set off for Powis Castle and Gardens in Welshpool, Wales.

It’s a well maintained and beautifully restored castle with stunning gardens.

The gardens employ 6 full time gardeners and 2 part time volunteers. They have an extremely well done web site with mountains of information about the castle and the gardens, which I have linked to above.

You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the castle but are free to take all you want outside.

As you can see it was very sunny and warm. We went into the little gift shop at the castle and I was able to find a most marvelous hat at a very reasonable price. It’s reversible and packable, and the fit is easily adjusted using the Velcro tabs at the back.

After visiting the castle and walking the grounds for 5 hours, we were pretty spent. We had made reservations for dinner at The Dragon Hotel in Montgomery for 6:00p and it was about 4:00pm so we thought we’d go to the Hotel and have a beer while we waited for time to eat.

Dinner was very good and the service was too.

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