Leaving The Old Vicarage and Heading to Manchester

Our stay at The Old Vicarage is over. We will miss Helen and Tim and their lovely hospitality and food. We can absolutely recommend staying here if you find yourself in the area. They are also cyclist and walker friendly. Tim is an avid cyclist himself!

The Old Vicarage

On to Manchester.

We were having issues getting checked in on our flight so we didn’t do any sightseeing on the way to Cheadle where our home for the night, Oddfellows on the Park is located. It’s the lovely old mansion we stayed in on our first night in Britain. This time we got a downstairs room, all on one level instead of three.

Notice the bicycle handlebars mounted like a trophy above the bed?

As you can see it’s really nice and we didn’t pay an arm and a leg to stay here, just an arm. Plus it’s in a gorgeous park so you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere even though you’re less than 4 miles from the Manchester Airport. If you need a place to stay in Manchester for a night or two I can highly recommend it. They have a beautiful bar and restaurant plus a huge patio overlooking Cheadle Park.

We arrived too early for check in so instead of storing our luggage there we went out onto the patio to have lunch. By the time we had finished it was time for check in.

After check in and getting all our stuff into our room we headed to the airport to return our rental car and work the bugs out of our boarding pass issues.

The customer service rep at Flybe was quite knowledgeable and we were all sorted out in minutes.

Next we grabbed a cab to head back to our hotel. The cabbys don’t seem to have ever been here at least both of ours hadn’t so if you stay have the address handy, it’s off of School Hill or you can just pull it up on Google maps.

Now we’re in our room waiting for it to be time for dinner. We usually eat early and the restaurants in UK often don’t open for dinner until 6:30p at the earliest so we made a 6:30p reservation. When it was time we went into the restaurant and ordered beautiful grilled chicken Caesar salads. One of the things about eating in Wales or at least the areas we visited, is finding an interesting salad to have for dinner.

Chris and I both enjoy having a large green salad with a piece of fish or grilled chicken for dinner. We were very excited to find this Caesar salad with grilled chicken on the menu at Oddfellows!

Our flight leaves at 6:15a so we need to be up and out the door by 4:25a. Good luck sleeping tonight!

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