Day one from The Old Vicarage

As you can see from the reflection, this is our view at breakfast.

We both slept soundly and comfortably. It’s so quiet here except for the occasional vehicle passing by on the road. Today looks like it will be beautiful.

We had a wonderful breakfast of freshly gathered eggs, mine perfectly poached and Chris had the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Tonight we will stay here to have our dinner. Tim and Helen also serve dinner with 24 hours notice 6 days a week.

Found out Tim is a cyclist! What a wonderful place to be a cyclist when the weather cooperates.

Today we’re off to The Textile Museum in Newtown, Wales.

It’s a museum that represents the lives of Welsh Handloom Weavers of the mid-nineteenth century.

The building is 4 stories high and the families, 4 in this building, lived in the 2 lower stories and worked in the 2 upper stories. The bedrooms were right under the rooms where the looms were so they were probably pretty noisy.

We left there and went up to a small town called Llanidloes and had lunch in a small cafe.

After lunch we went off to an old castle ruin called Dolforwyn castle. It was built between 1273 and 1277 for the sum of £174 6s 8d.

The fortress was captured shortly after being built because the builders had neglected to dig a well and the defenders ran out of water.

Went to a town called Montgomery on the way back to Dolfor in search of a small brewery Chris had read about called Monty’s Visitors Centre. They brew some tasty local beers and will serve a flight of three for tasting. After that we scoped out the town for a place for dinner Sunday night.

When we returned to The Old Vicarage we quickly cleaned up a bit and went downstairs for dinner. The Old Vicarage innkeepers, Tim and Helen are quite accomplished chefs and serve dinner by reservation only on most nights.

Dinner did not disappoint, it was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented.

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