Moved to The Old Vicarage in Dolfor today

Today was a travel day.

We got up earlyish and went downstairs for breakfast after a bit of last minute packing.

Since neither one of us was able to sleep well last night we just drove straight through to The Old Vicarage Dolfor which was built in 1880 and sold by the church in 1963. It was turned into a Guest House in 2006 and will be our residence for the next 4 nights.

The view out our window is stunning!

We had lunch at a place called The Black Boy (in reference to chimney sweeps) in Newtown which is about 2 miles down the road. In order to order food and drinks you have to download their app and order using that. It’s fine if you want to choose something straight off the menu but if you want to hold things, such as bacon (I don’t eat red meat), things begin to go wrong. I ordered a grilled chicken burger that comes with pepper jack, pepper sauce and bacon and had to flag down a server to ask her to have them hold the bacon, well the cooks took that to mean all I wanted was a bun with a chicken breast and there was no one to mention that to. Pretty awful.

I also don’t like the fact that using an app to order takes away personal contact as well as a job just like self-serve checkout at the grocery store.

Right now we’re just relaxing in our room.

Our innkeeper Tim made a reservation for 6:00p for us at The Dolfor Inn for dinner. We got there a few minutes before and were given a table for 2 next to the window. Great view.

The inside of the inn is very nice.

Chris got a beer and I got a glass of wine, then we looked over the menu. Both of us decided on the Nut Loaf, yes I thought it might be weird too but the description looked really good. It was really quite good!

After dinner we came back to our room and began researching where to go tomorrow.

Female Monkey Puzzle tree. So named because monkeys can’t climb them.

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