Narberth to St. Davids

I got a cold shower this morning, Chris can apparently stand much hotter water than I can so he got a scalding hot shower. I couldn’t take the heat so I got a cold shower. They have these interesting faucets in the shower, one turns on the water and the other controls the temperature. The temperature controller has a little button that apparently controls the cold water when it’s pressed in but I couldn’t seem to get anything but pure hot or pure cold, hence the cold shower. It was all over pretty quickly and I only have 3 more to go.

Note: I was never able to have anything but a scalding hot or freezing cold shower the entire 4 nights we stayed. We also never had decent WiFi.

The rest of The Plas Hyfryd is wonderful! The staff is friendly and experienced, the bed is super comfy and the food is really good. I highly recommend it if you don’t mind scalding hot or freezing cold showers and poor WiFi.

After a very good breakfast of scrambled eggs with potatoes and toast we decided to drive out to St. Davids Cathedral and then on to St. Davids Head for a walk out over the cliffs. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Lots of sunshine, perfect temperatures (in the low 60s) and light breezes.

First we went to Tesco to try and get my esim set up with some UK data. Ha! The most patient man in the world in the Tesco mobile shop spent over an hour with my iPhone and me and we were never able to get it to work. I am certain there is something I should have done before we left. I think I will have to wait until I get home and see if Apple or Verizon can make it work. The phone is unlocked so that is not the issue. Since it’s an esim there is only one sim slot so… I’m still using very expensive Verizon International service for data.

By then it was nearly 1:00p so we drove straight to the Cathedral where they have a very serviceable lunch counter. We both got smoked salmon sandwiches with salad and crisps (potato chips).

We spent a bit of time wandering around the cathedral which is incredible. They have tombs from the 1500s! They also have a huge pipe organ which was being played while we were there and many other objects of interest.

The Welsh Bible.

Holes in the rock walls are being utilized as nests for the many Jackdaws at the cathedral. We walked past one hole and the babies were making quite the racket, Chris tried to get a photo but they were too far inside.

They were also nesting inside holes in the rock of the bell tower. You should have seen how fast they got out of there when the bells began to ring! All I could think was, those poor babies, they’re going to be deaf just like the bell ringers of old.

When we left there we wandered into town and looked in some of the shops. It’s very touristy but very cute, old and worth wandering around in. I even bought a small stuffed bunny for my not quite here yet great-granddaughter.

After that we made our way down to St. Davids Head to do a walk/hike on the cliffs above the ocean. Wildflowers were everywhere, it was just so beautiful.

We even saw some wild Welsh Mountain Ponies!

By that time we were pretty worn out and it was getting late so we headed back to our hotel. Had a very good light dinner with wine and beer and are now in our room relaxing.

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