Driving from Beddgelert to Narberth

Today is a travel day to our lodging for the next 4 nights, The Plas Hyfryd in Narberth, Pembrokeshire.

After a good breakfast and a chat with each of the 2 couples we had gotten friendly with who were also spending a few days at The Tanronnen we packed up the car and headed for the Dyfi Osprey Project recommended by one of the couples we met. The Dyfi Osprey Project has a pair of mated Ospreys that have 3 eggs in the nest. The male has been there since 2011 and for a while until he acquired a mate Monty was there at the Nature Reserve with another male. When a female arrived the other Osprey was asked to leave in no uncertain terms.

Monty keeping watch above while Telyn sits on the eggs, below. I captured these from the video screens, they are too far away for my little camera to photograph.

Ospreys mate for life but Monty is on his 3rd mate. His first mate Nora didn’t return in 2012 then his next mate, Glesni didn’t return in 2017. Now he is mated to Telyn since 2018. Ospreys eat only fish and the male does all the hunting while the female is nesting.

They come to Wales for the spring and summer and then migrate to the northwest part of Africa for the winter.

If you want to learn more they have both a web page and a Facebook page.

The Dyfi also has a couple of beautiful and huge Water Buffalo!

After leaving the Nature Reserve we stopped at the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station a Magnox style nuclear power plant which closed in 2010 but won’t be fully decommissioned until 2070. We have none of this style of plant in the United States.

From there we drove straight on toward Narberth.

Found a little place for a sandwich along the way and got back on the road.

Lots of beautiful scenery along the way, we took the coastal route.

We arrived at The Plas Hyfryd in Narberth at about 3:30p and their WiFi is down so I can’t post anything for today. I will have to post it when the WiFi comes back.

Well, the WiFi may not be coming back tonight because it’s been out since Friday and today is a bank holiday. Way worse for them than for us. None of the cash registers work or the phones, save for one. The manager had to stay the night last night and will probably have to do the same tonight since the phones can’t be rerouted to her house.

Apparently the power went off 3 times in a row on Friday and the last time none of the internet or WiFi came back. They finally got a tech to come out today but nothing is open so he can’t replace any parts.

I paid the tariff for some more high speed data from Verizon so we’re up and running again. Oh wait, it’s 4 minutes later and they just texted me that my high-speed internet was finished until tomorrow. What??? I just paid $10 for 0.5 GB more!

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