Beddgelert is full for the weekend!

We slept like rocks last night!

All the rooms in the Tanronnen Inn and Pub are full and the heat was turned on, yay!

Monday is a bank holiday so the entire town is full of people. Beddgelert is a very popular village since it’s right inside Snowdonia NP and close to many trails, buses and trains. It’s also extremely charming.

Got up at 7:30a, dressed and went down to breakfast. While at breakfast we got lots of information regarding places to go for some nice walks/hikes in the area without driving anywhere.

We decided to just follow trails until we were walked out and it was time for food and beer.

It’s a glorious day today, sun is shining, there are fluffy little clouds around and it’s a breezy 53°F.

We had a wonderful 6.5 mile hike/walk and then came back into to town to Prince Llewelyn Hotel for chicken burgers and chips with a couple of pints.

Now we’re relaxing in our room.

We decided we’d better go out for early dinner since the town was so full and if we waited we’d be competing with a ton of other people.

We showed up at Saracens Head Hotel for dinner at 5:30p and got right in at a table for two. Wonderful food and service, we were quite happy and very glad we came early. The place really filled up by 6:00p.

After dinner we took a walk around town and visited the train station.

View of Beddgelert from the train station.

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