Mount Snowdon, snow and a freezing room

Today we are riding the Snowdon Train to the top of Mount Snowdon. It’s cold and damp and this wimpy Californian can’t get warm. I have an undershirt, a heavy Columbia turtleneck, a sweater and a raincoat on. Almost forgot, also a heavy fleece jacket under the raincoat and a wool cap.

Picked up our train tickets at the station and decided to walk around Llanberis a bit. It’s a very cute little village with a very old church that we walked around.

A couple of people were feeding 6 very beautiful horses near the church parking garage. They looked to be warm bloods and there were a couple of carriages nearby. One of the fellows had a Rhodesian Ridgeback who was very clever. The dog went out into the driveway then turned and looked at his owner to make sure he wasn’t looking (it was obvious) then trotted down the driveway toward town. Next thing I hear the owner yelling to his dog to get back here right now, this went on for a bit and it was clear it happened all the time. The dog did come back. It was just humorous to watch.

We took the train up to the top of Snowdon, it’s the highest mountain in Wales and quite beautiful. The route up is just gorgeous and lots of people either hike up and take the train back down or take the train up and try to catch an empty seat back.

Today was cloudy at the top and lightly snowing briefly so there wasn’t much to see. A little bit lower down the cloud cover began to break up and the views were breathtaking.

We’re back in our room at the Tanronnen where it is freezing. The Innkeepers turn the heat on for a short time first thing in the morning and then turn it off for the rest of the day. Then they turn it on again for 60 minutes or so in the evening.

It’s not enough for us, it’s 48°F and damp outside. We came into our room this afternoon when we got back from the mountain and our window was open, it may have been 48°F in our room!

Chris is on the bed with his wool cap and jacket on, I still have my wool cap and everything but my raincoat on.

I should be in the shower getting ready for dinner but I’m too cold to take my clothes off.

Don’t get me wrong, the staff is great as are the owners and the rooms are clean and comfortable. The shower is a little quirky but there is a full-sized bathtub (at least in our room) so it doesn’t matter much.

We thought we would try someplace different for dinner tonight so we wandered around town and came upon the Bistro Hebog. Chris had the Chicken Korma and I had pan sautéed cod with sun dried tomatoes, olives and roasted peppers with sweet potato fries on the side.

The food and service were excellent and we had a very nice chat with our hostess about the value of spending money on insurance.

After dinner we walked around town a bit enjoying the scenery and taking lots of photos.

Now we’re back in our room relaxing and listening to the pub guests laugh and chat and have a great time. Nice!

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