It’s Spring and Butterflies and Flowers are here

This isn’t a travel post but it’s so beautiful right now. Butterflies have come to our yard on their annual migration and I had to share a few photos with you all. They seem to love my pink Manzanita shrubs and the Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies have been visiting them for days.

Spring is my favorite season, everything is coming back to life after a long winter nap. Grasses are greening, rivers and streams are flowing, flowers are blooming and the birds and butterflies are returning.

Here on the central coast of California we often say we live in paradise. We are fortunate to live here and we love it.

Monarch on Manzanita

Painted Lady butterfly on Manzanita



Shooting Stars

Chocolate Lily

All the rain we’ve had this year has broken the drought for now and the flowers are beginning to bloom. They say we’re going to have what they call a super-bloom this year. I’ve dragged out all my cameras and am taking pictures. Today I plan to go on a wildflower hunt and I’ll post what I find. Wish me luck!

It’s just a week or 2 early for the big swaths of wildflowers but there are still lots.

I’ll share the ones I think are the best. I hope you enjoy them.


California poppies

Tidy tips

Baby Blue-eyes

We’re leaving for Wales at the end of next month. I’ll post again then.

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