Home again, home again

We decided to make a quick trip to the Farmer’s Market for some fresh produce and poultry sausages. If you go to the La Brea section of Los Angeles you must visit the Farmer’s Market. It is the original Farmer’s Market and has been there since 1934. It began as a dairy farm in the 1800s and then became an oil field in the early 1900s before becoming a farmer’s market.

After our trip to the Farmer’s Market we headed to Totally Wine in Woodland Hills to check out their beer selection.

We had an interesting experience when we got there.

We had pulled into the parking lot and were just pulling up to the kiosk getting ready to punch the button to get our ticket and lift the barrier when a guy on the other/exit side in a delivery truck got out of his truck, reached around onto our side, hit our button and took our ticket. That meant we were unable to get a ticket for parking because our barrier came up when he did that and wouldn’t come down until we went through. As we were beginning to collect impatient people behind us we drove through.

After we finished our shopping at Totally Wine, we headed to the exit of the parking lot determined we were not going to pay the $20 lost ticket fee since we had not lost our ticket, it had been stolen. As it turned out we just had to accept a scolding for not buzzing the parking lot attendant right when it happened and we were allowed to leave.

So, if a person ever reaches around and takes your parking ticket don’t wait, hail the parking lot attendant right away.

Our next trip will be in April/May to Wales for 2 weeks! See you then!

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