Last Full Day in Canada

We are staying in the Chipman Hill Suites at 76 Union Street. They have the distinction of being one of the few buildings that predate the fire that destroyed Saint John in 1877. They were built in 1869 and were at the boundary of the area that was destroyed.

There are 3 such neo-classical buildings that were saved from fire but later were slated for destruction in order to urbanize the city. They were saved by Chipman Hill Suites and are now designated as a Local Historic Place for their architecture.

We had a pretty bad breakfast with service to match at York Bistro and Pub which is associated with the Hilton Hotel in Saint John. The odd thing is, we had had a late lunch here yesterday and the food and service were excellent.

Next we set off to find the rest of the 10 Salmon Run 2018 sculptures  and 5 covered bridges we had scoped out earlier.

First we went over to the Sculpture Saint John New Brunswick to walk around and look at the sculptures now that everything was cleaned up and ready for touching and viewing.

Such an amazing idea, I really hope it is mimicked across Canada, the U.S. and the world.


This is a sculpture of the audio graph of a particular humpback whale song.

After enjoying all of the sculptures we went off in search of the rest of the salmon sculptures. We found them all and here they are.

Off we went to find covered bridges and enjoy the countryside around New Brunswick, as always we wished we had more time.

It took awhile but we finally amassed 5 covered bridges.

Next we headed back to Saint John and our room at the Chipman Inn. By now we had finally stopped having indigestion from breakfast and were starting to think about lunch. As it was close to 3:30 PM we made a decision to have an early dinner at Gahan House Port City, what a great decision that was!

They brew their own beer based in Prince Edward Island and also run a very good restaurant here in Saint John.

We had the stout which was quite good along with Focaccia Chicken Sandwiches which were amazing. Dessert was an ESB which we split that was also quite good.

All in all a very fine ending for our last day in Canada. Tomorrow we leave for Portland, ME and then home to California.

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