Last Morning in Nova Scotia, First Afternoon in New Brunswick

This was our last morning in Digby, Nova Scotia and look what we got! This is from our window at the Bayside Inn B&B.

Now we are packing up and getting ready for our ferry ride to St. John, New Brunswick.

Most of today was taken up with a ferry crossing and then searching for a parking spot in order to have lunch once we got here.

We finally found a parking garage and got rid of the car. I would say that St. John is more a walking town then a driving town.

We went to lunch at the Saint John Ale House and ordered a couple of beers and salads. They have a bandstand right across the lane from the pub and a young man came, set up and began singing and playing the guitar. He was extremely talented and I can’t believe he doesn’t have a recording contract.

There are a number of pubs and eateries along the lane where our pub was.

After lunch we went in search of our Chipman Hill Suites building which it turned out was about 0.3 mile from where we were at the pub. Awesome, that had been my plan when I booked it but they have several buildings. When you book with them you get access to a private parking garage for a nominal fee.

We relaxed in our room for awhile and then began the (arduous) search for a place to have dinner. I had no idea that in a place like St. John finding a decent place for dinner with a wine and beer list would be so difficult.

The first place we phoned was out of business for the foreseeable future. We looked at another that served only Port. What restaurant serves only Port??? The next was Indian and they had a nice wine and beer selection but their prices were through the roof; $25 per dish, for example. We are used to getting several dishes and sharing…

We finally decided on a place called Britts and it was an excellent choice. Great friendly service, good beer and wine and very good food. We may go there tomorrow night as well.

St. John seems to be a very art friendly city, we love that and I took a few pictures while we were out.

These life-sized sculptures are being refurbished that’s why all the white paint.

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