Short Trip to Livermore

Today we drove up to Livermore, California with our 1999 Co-Motion Speedster tandem in order to have Livermore Cyclery sell it for us.

We bought a new tandem from Co-Motion last year and decided it was time to get rid of the old one.

We also have the new one with us and plan to do a ride with some friends tomorrow before we head back home.

Livermore has grown a lot since we lived here. We’re very happy we moved when we did.

The photos below were taken the year after we moved away.

Don’t get me wrong Livermore is an adorable town with great pubs, restaurants, wineries and entertainment. Unfortunately all of that awesomeness comes with a price for those living there, the traffic has gotten unbearable.

I managed to confuse the name of the hotel I wanted to book us into with one on the other side of town so I’m a bit bummed about that, not that there is anything wrong with the one we’re in other than location.

Well, the bike ride didn’t happen but we had a great visit with our friends and on the way home we stopped at the Gilroy Outlets. I love Columbia Sportswear and found the mother load of tops and pants that fit. Yay!

We also had a very good lunch with enough leftover for a substantial dinner, at a Chinese restaurant called The Ginger Café just down the row from the Columbia Outlet store. The best vegetable fried rice I’ve had in years and very good service.

Our next trip will be to the NWTR in Albany, Oregon at the end of June.

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