Went for a walk around the area near our B&B looking for Wisteria

Here in North Carolina, Wisteria grows wild and is very invasive. It is also gorgeous right now. It hangs from trees and (unfortunately) climbs all over houses. Think Kudzu with pretty flowers.

Driving to dinner the other night we saw an old derelict house sagging with Wisteria. Not sure which came first, the dereliction or the Wisteria.

I’m enjoying the beauty of it.

I had some time to myself yesterday morning so I decided to go for a walk in search of Wisteria hanging from trees.

I came upon a dead cat on Main St. complete with flies and odor that was still there from our previous walk a day before, walked past that pretty quickly. I’m sure someone is really missing their little friend. Amazed it hadn’t been removed since it was on the sidewalk near a bench.

I also found lots of beautiful flowering shrubs and dogwood trees. Surprisingly no Wisteria though so we had to drive around later to find some.

Spring is beginning and I think it’s going to be a colorful one here in North Carolina.

Went to dinner at a wonderful little Indian Restaurant in town called Zeera. The food and service were the best.

Now we’re sitting in RDU waiting for our plane. I managed to remember the flight time wrong so we woke up in time to make a 6:30 am flight only to discover our flight didn’t leave until 8:30 am. Oops! Oh well, plenty of time to have breakfast and write this little blog post.

Great flight on Southwest, we even had a comedic purser giving the emergency information on the flight from RDU to Denver. He had us all cracking up.

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