Finally Fully Vaccinated & almost a great-grandma 2x

I was finally able to get my 2nd Pfizer shot.

Whew what a journey! The first try on 17 March 2021 my husband had a medical emergency and was rushed to the ER. I met him there and missed my shot appointment. Don’t get me wrong I made the right choice, I love my husband very much!

I missed my 2nd appointment because of my own medical emergency; I collapsed in the line while waiting to get my shot. I had gotten a gastrointestinal bug and was quite weak. Our line was over 40 minutes long. I went home and got a Covid test the next day to be on the safe side. It came back negative.

My third try was this morning and 3rd time most definitely is a charm! Shot in my arm at slightly before 10:00 am this morning. 

What a relief!

On another note; I have big news! My granddaughter will be induced on 9 April, 2021 and I will have a brand new little great-grandson! Wahoo!

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