Beautiful morning in Los Angeles

Last night we could see the sunset from our room and this morning on the other side was the sunrise. It just keeps getting better and my neck/back feel a little better this morning too!

As soon as we get showered and dressed we will be going to eat breakfast at a place called Swingers!

Breakfast was great and there were choices for everyone. They serve all organic foods and there are breakfast choices for Vegans, Vegetarians, those who prefer to not eat red meat and those who want red meat. The service is excellent too!

Now we’ll head on over to the Petersen Automotive Museum and spend most of the day wandering around there enjoying all the cars. We have tickets for the vault tour (no photos allowed) at 1:30p which we are really looking forward to. I will be sure and take lots of pictures in the rest of the museum!

The Petersen is overwhelming and wonderful! So many one-of-a-kind cars as well as cars you won’t see anywhere else. I took over 300 photos so it will take a little while to go through them and find the ones that are worth posting. I did manage to get a fairly good shot of the Petersen Automotive Museum itself, it was a $95,000,000 renovation so it’s worth seeing. Can you believe I was able to get a shot with no traffic passing in front?

Below is one of the beautiful motorcycles in the museum with it’s information placard below it.

The motorcycle exhibit was incredible, virtually all were custom one-of-a-kind works.

One of my favorite cars at the show was this 1953 Dodge Storm Z-250 by Bertone and one-of-a-kind.

Here we are in an old Ford reproduction.

The first practical car built by Karl Benz 1886

Detroit Electric Model 61 Brougham 1915 could go 80 miles on a single charge

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