Whale Watching from a Zodiac … Maybe

I slept much better last night and got up at 7:00 to get coffee. When I got downstairs I discovered breakfast had been moved to 8:00, fortunately coffee had not.

Today is the day, if the weather permits we’ll be on a Zodiac with 10 or so other people and our pilot in search of whales.

An hour on the road with one short ferry ride and we’ll be in Tiverton where our adventure begins.

We walked into an old house where we were met by a very sweet and knowledgeable young woman.

She told us that we would have to wait until about 12:00 PM before we would know whether or not our 1:00–1:15 Zodiac whale watching trip would happen or would be cancelled due to weather.

The rain was threatening and the sky looked ominous.

There is very little in Tiverton, there used to be a little lunch place next to the ferry but it’s either out of business all together or out until next season. Either way it was very much closed. We had hoped to get some lunch before the whale watching trip and that was the place we had hoped to get it. Okay, switch gears. We walked in the direction of what seemed to be the town, at least the post office was there, looking for someplace to get something to eat and found a tiny store with a few provisions. It was undergoing some minor construction but we were still able to buy some water, peanuts and potato chips. Not a very nutritious lunch but “beggars can’t be choosers.”

By the time we got back several other people had shown up for the trip, they had been smart enough to bring real food, I guess they’d been here before.

Turned out the trip was going to happen and all we had to do was sign wavers and get suited up in Survival Suits with toques and gloves.

Below is a photo of us looking for a juvenile humpback whale that had just taken a dive under the water.

After that we headed off to the dock and the Zodiac.

We all got into the Zodiac and Tom (the owner of Ocean Explorations and pilot of our craft) gave us all instructions on what to do and what not to do. Also how to point out a whale sighting and a bunch of information regarding whales. He is an extremely knowledgeable and very experienced fellow who had worked for Jacques Cousteau on the Calypso back when he was young. Read all about him at the above link.

We were lucky enough to see a juvenile humpback whale several times as he breached 3 times and dove several times even showing us his tail a couple of times. My photos are awful but I’ll treat you to a couple anyway. One of mine and one of my husband’s.


I’m the blonde taking a picture of the whale. Photo by Chris Neary.

Tom decided we should move on and see if we could see any other whales so we jetted along with no further luck.

As we began heading back it started raining, softly at first and the fog began closing in. We came across another whale watching boat, this one was possibly a converted fishing boat and had two decks. They had been unlucky until they ran across what we suspect was the same juvenile humpback we had been watching.

By the time we got back to the dock it was raining pretty hard and the water was very choppy.

All in all it was a very fun day and I would definitely do it again especially if I could do it with Tom as the pilot.

We were pretty beat by now, it had been a very long day. We got in the car, waited for the ferry and headed back to Digby and our favorite restaurant The Sydney Street Pub and Grill.

Now we’re back chilling in our room.

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