Travel Day

Left Bar Harbor at 7:15 MDT heading to The Bay of Fundy Ferry in St. John, New Brunswick.

We arrived with an hour to spare. New Brunswick is ADT so it’s an hour later.

Now we’re on the ferry starting to move toward Nova Scotia and the little port town of Digby.

We’re about 30 minutes from dock and the captain is blowing the fog horn. Visibility is white.

As the ferry pulled in to dock in Digby the fog lifted on a beautifully sunny day!

We have been tremendously lucky with the weather, nearly every day has been beautiful and sunny.

We’re all checked into our lovely B&B The Bayside Inn. We’re right across the street from the bay.

Digby has very high tides in fact Nova Scotia has the highest tides in the world at 54 feet.

The boats in the harbor in front of the B&B where we are will drop 29 feet within the next 6 hours.

The light was amazing this evening at dinner and all I had was my old iPhone SE. Even with that you can see how gorgeous it was.

I ran back to our room and got my better camera but it was really too late for the gorgeous light.

On the way back to the room I took these. Digby is a wonderful little town, I’m so happy we are staying here.

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