Last Full Day in Portland, ME

Got up, showered and made it to breakfast, ugh. One of the all time worst hotel breakfasts I’ve ever had; very overcooked, very cold scrambled eggs and very cold, soggy potatoes, the muffin was great and the coffee was weak. Happily that was the worst part of the day and the rest of the day was awesome!

We spent the whole day walking around Portland. What a wonderful town.

To the left out of our hotel, looking down the street. On the left in the photo is the Lobster Shack where we had our chowders last night.

Original cobblestones on the street.

U.S. Customs House

There is a walking path that runs along the waterfront so we took that to explore the city. Not far along the path we came upon the Portland Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum. Very cool place where volunteers are restoring the old train cars and engines, they also give train rides. We didn’t choose to go on a train ride but we did go through the museum.

We continued walking along the path into the Eastern Promenade Park shared by lots of walkers, joggers, dog walkers and bicyclists.

Next we headed on up to the Eastern Promenade to look at all the restored historic old homes there. They are just gorgeous.

One in particular stood out from the rest and we happened to get lucky enough to speak with the owner for awhile.

She and her husband had lived there for 25 years and were the third family to live in the house, it had always been a single family home. Her yard was stunning and she took care of it all herself.

After looking at a number of these wonderful old homes we headed to the Portland Observatory, built in 1807. The Portland Observatory is the only known signal tower of it’s type left in the United States. We had a wonderful conversation with the docent inside, she told us the history of the observatory as well as the area. Very interesting.

View from the top of the Portland Observatory.

We were beginning to get hungry so we headed back in the direction of Old Port. On the way we took pictures of the Eastern Cemetery, an artistically painted old house, St. Vincent de’Paul, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and the City Hall.

The weather vane at the top of City Hall.

We had lunch at a great little pub off of Monument called Shay’s Grill Pub. We each had a beer and a Cranberry Walnut Salad, I had beautifully cooked Blackened Salmon on mine.

Now we are back in our room chilling until dinner.

Oh my goodness! At about 5:30 PM we began looking at dinner options. I remembered a place I’d seen while walking back to our hotel after lunch at Shay’s called Walter’s. We decided to take a chance and go there. It had good reviews, just not very many total reviews. Well, it was delicious!

I had the Brick Chicken and Chris had the Ahi Tuna.

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